When can applications be made?

Applications can be made at any time but will only be considered at meetings of the Board.

What is the criteria for funding?

Please refer to the Grant Application Form for a list of requirements/criteria for funding.

Can GST be claimed?

If you are GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be applied for.

Can a grant application be made after purchase?

No. Grants must be approved prior to money being spent on the item detailed in the grant application.

Can we apply to other trusts for the same thing at the same time?

You should only apply for the full amount from one gaming trust at a time. You can however split the amount applied for amongst several trusts if you wish.

When do the funds need to be spent by?

The funds must be spent within 3 months of the grant being made.

What happens if we do not use the funds for the purchase or the event costs less?

Any grant money not spent on the purpose approved must be returned to us within 3 months of the grant being made.

What do we do if we have a complaint?

Complaints can be made to our Chairperson by writing to the Trust. The Trust will aim to respond to all complaints within 20 working days. Complaints about the conduct of Rano Community Trust may also be made to the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs at: PO Box 10-095, Wellington.