Auditing Procedure

If your application has been approved, you will receive a Grant Accountability Report form with your Outcome Letter. (Please contact if you require another copy.)

Rano requires confirmation that the grant money has been spent for the purpose(s) granted and that it was spent within 3 months of the grant being made.

Within 3 months after the grant has been paid out to your organisation the following auditing information is required:

  • – A copy of bank statement showing this grant was paid into your organisation’s bank account.
  • – Copies of bank statements showing each amount was paid out. Please highlight the transactions on the bank statement that relate to items purchased with grant money.
  • – Copies of tax invoices (if applicable).
  • – If funding was for salary/wages, please provide copies (where applicable) of:
    • – IR 348 Employer Monthly Schedules
    • – IR 345 Employer Deductions Form.
    • – Contractor invoices.
    • – Bank statements and payment schedules showing all payments made.
  • – Any other information that can assist with the audit process such as photos, newsletters and results (if applicable).

If the organisation is not able to supply the above information within 3 months, the organisation may request an extension to the audit deadline. All such requested must be made in writing.